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Our Rates

American plan: $140
Housekeeping plan: $80
Island cabin: $85
All rates are per night, per person.

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See what we have for availability. We try to keep the calendar updated, but call or e-mail us before you make final plans.


Our Plans

Picture yourself at a traditional Maine sporting camp: you come back after a long day of fishing to a hot, home-cooked meal waiting for you in the main lodge. You pass the supper hour swapping stories and spinning lies about the one that got away with old friends and friends you've just made. The dining room is boisterous and jovial, and the food just keeps coming, all the way through dessert. The next morning, the coffee is on before you wake with the sun, and breakfast is just as good this morning as dinner was last night. Your friends are eager to get out on the ponds and love not having to clean up your own breakfast dishes. Lunch is packed and waiting for you when you leave for another great day on the water. That, my friend, is the American plan. We provide a made-to-order breakfast, a packed lunch for you to take on the trail or on the water, and a family-style dinner. All of our food is homemade (right down to the vanilla extract we use in the cookies) using as many local ingredients as we can get.

Don't want to be pampered or stick to scheduled morning and evening meals? With the housekeeping plan (also called self-cater or the European plan in some places), we provide you with a cabin that is equipped with its own kitchen (with an apartment-sized fridge, stove/oven, sink, cookware, dishes, etc). You can tailor your trip just the way you like it; if you want to be out on the pond at the crack of dawn with a granola bar in your pocket, or if you want to sleep until noon and feast at 3:30, you're welcome to.

And what if you really want to get away from it all? How about your own private island, about a quarter of a mile from the mainland on the other side of Island Pond? Yeah, we can set you up with that, too. The island cabin is a full housekeeping cabin with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft, master bedroom, and two-story fireplace.

We have nine cabins: 6 American Plan and 3 Housekeeping (including one on its own private island), all built between 1886 and 1955 of hand-hewn logs. Our cabins sleep from two to eight people each. (The cabins have a motley assortment of twin, bunk, double, and king-sized beds. We can give almost any cabin a king-sized bed upon request.)

Galilee (American Plan) sleeps 2-3 people;
Denny (American Plan) sleeps 3 people;
Pushineer (American Plan) sleeps 5 people;
The Little Cabins (American Plan) sleep 2 people each
Togue (American Plan) sleeps 7-8 people

Upper (Housekeeping) sleeps 4 people
Gardner (Housekeeping) sleeps 6 people
The Island (Housekeeping) sleeps 7-8 people

AMERICAN PLAN MENU: We don't stick to a set dinner menu for our American plan guests. During your stay, you can expect to be treated to steak on the grill, fish (usually baked salmon or haddock in white wine reduction), ham with brown sugar and pineapple, roast beef au jus, pasta with homemade sauce and meatballs, barbecued chicken, or similar. Some of our side dishes include "freckle bread" (a four-grain bread made with honest-to-goodness "Red River Cereal"), "camp rice," fresh asparagus roasted with herbs and garlic, veggies in lemon cream sauce, caprese salad with maple-balsamic reduction, garlic mashed potaotes, and the list goes on. No dinner would be complete without dessert, of course, and we enjoy treating our guests to Boston cream pie, chocolate-peanut butter "doodle cake," pies of all sorts, raspberry-swirl cheesecake, and other goodies. If a guest leaves our dining room unsatisfied, we haven't done our job.

PET POLICY: Your whole family is welcome at Red River, and that includes your furry, four-legged children. Your well-behaved pets are welcome at Red River at no extra charge. However, if your dog sleeps on the bed like a person, we'll have to charge him like a person because it's impossible to get dog hair out of our wool blankets. If you know that your dog enjoys sleeping on the bed, please let us know so we can give you an appropriate cover for the bedspread. Dogs, and even some cats, love spending time in the woods at Camp.

Our Rates

AMERICAN PLAN: $140 per night, per person
Includes your cabin, breakfast made to order each day, a packed lunch, snacks, a homestyle dinner, and the use of our canoes, kayaks, pfds, and paddles.

HOUSEKEEPING PLAN: $80 per night, per person
Includes a kitchentte cabin with fridge, stove/oven, kitchen sink, propane grill, cookware, dishware, and utensils. Also includes the use of our canoes, kayaks, pfds, and paddles, but please note that, in the case of conflicts, our American plan guests have the first choice of canoes. We rarely have conflicts, but it does happen now and then.

ISLAND CABIN: $85 per night, per person (housekeeping) or $145 per night, per person (American plan)
Includes the amazing island cabin with a two-story fireplace, kitchen with fridge, stove/oven, kitchen sink, propane grill, cookware, dishware, and utensils, and the use of our canoes, kayaks, pfds, and paddles.

All of our cabins are private to your party and include: linens, sheets, pillows, and towels; ensuite bathrooms with pressurized hot and cold water; and wood stoves, firewood, and kindling. At night, light is provided by propane lamps.

DEPOSITS: In order to hold your cabin, we require a deposit at the time of booking. Deposits ($100 per person for American Plan stays and $50 per person for housekeepig stays) can be paid via check or credit card. Checks can be sent to our Portage address. For credit card payments, we'll send you an electronic invoice that can be paid securely online.

Deposits are non-refundable; however, in the event that you need to cancel your stay for any reason, we're happy to apply your deposit to another stay later in the same season or the next season.

CANOES: We keep a dozen (plus or minus) canoes and five kayaks here on Island Pond, and with permission from the Bureau of Parks and Lands, we keep one or two canoes at most of the other ponds in the township for our guests to use. There are a couple of ponds that we don't keep canoes on, but we're more than happy to take a canoe or two to any pond that our guests want to fish at for the day.

Our Calendar

Choose a calendar below to find our availability for each of our guest plans. We try to keep the calendars up to date, but always call or e-mail to verify. White dates indicate that all of our cabins for your selected plan are available. Orange dates indicate that we have some availability for your selected plan; e-mail us to find out if we have room for your group! Red dates indicate that we have no availability for your selected plan. It never hurts to contact us anyway in case we've had a cancellation, but I don't want you to get your hopes up.

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